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Transportation in Nepal

Nepal is a Landlock Country between Tibet and India. Transport and Transportation facalities are quite limited in Nepal. Because its undeveloped mountain country and difficult mountain saves. Busses, Car, Taxi, Three whiller Rikshas, Flight , Bicycle, Horse, Tricks and Motorcycle are main Transport of Nepal. The Lefthand driving system its make something different for traveller. The Narrow Road Strecture up and down hill drive with number of beens and amazing loudly horn makes so funny. In the hears of cities and Capital Kathmandu some time thee are kilometers traffecking because of narro and to much vehicle then road is interesting. Driving 40km per hour is limit. Most of Trsnsportation are running by Privet Sector. Nepal hase'nt any product all of vehicle imported vrom overseas. India is largest import source for transport then Japan, Korea, China and Now Europe also Parot of Source. On the Road there is cartellng by Trsnsport Union. For tuirst they have special tourist service Taxi, Car, Busses and Flight with special Price. The road tax you can pay on the way direct, Not allowed alhocle drink while you driving. For Motorbike Rider must necessary Safety Helmet. Transport tax is very high to compare some of then have to pay 230 percent of reas cost when they new import vehicle in Nepal. To use Vehicle is expensive in Nepal.

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