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River in Nepal

Quick Facts on Rivers and Relevant
Nepal is a mine of water. In Nepali "Nepal Pani Ko Khani Ho", this statement is taken literally. (Translation : Pani - water, Khani - Mine), This is a very popular phrase used and honored by Nepalese everyday. Nepal is a rich country of water. It has a Massif High Himalaya and Himalayan glacier melted and coming down with high current white water. Also paradise for River Rafter and Rafting Challenge with high current and Himalaya.
Nepal's Total Area is 147,181 sq km of which land is 143,181 sq km and water is 4,000 sq km - source CIA the World Fact Book. So 3% of Nepal is water which includes rivers, lakes, and ponds
Arun River of Nepal shares the name of Arun River of United Kingdom, isn't that interesting ?
Karnali is Nepal's largest and longest River.
Nepal is a mountainous country, most of its rivers have mountains as the source.
Nepal is prone to natural disasters like floods and land and slides. Major Rivers continue to shift their path and go deeper.
World's 39th longest River Ganges starts from the Himalayas of Nepal. The river is 2510 K.M
Nepal's about 70% of the population is in Rural Areas. Less than 20% of Rural people have access to Electricity.
80% of Nepalese depend on Agriculture. Rivers are a good source to Agriculture business.
More than 220 billions cubic meters of water run through Nepal every year.
8 of the 10 snow-capped and highest mountains in the world are located in Nepal. Nepal Himalaya is the source of most rivers of Nepal
The largest river in the world is Nile River which is 6516 Kms
All major rivers start from Tibet, transverse through Nepal, then join Ganga River of India before finally meeting the heavenly sea.
Of all the rivers in the world having more than 600 miles (965.60 km) in length, 90% are located in the United Sates of America
Water is the #1 natural resources of Nepal. The others are quartz, timber, hydro power, lignite, copper and cobalt.

List of Major Rivers (this table is being populated, so please check-back later for more data here...)

Name of River River Length (Runoff) River Originating Location / Altitude Remarks
Arun River L A tribe indigenous to northeastern Nepal, living west of the Arun River in the area drained by the Sun Kosi River.
Bagmati River L A Remarks
Dudh Kosi River L A Remarks
Kali Gangaki River Length (Miles / Kilometers) Highest Point (Feet / Meters) Remarks / Notes
Kankai Mai River L A Remarks
Karnali River Length (Miles / Kilometers) Highest Point (Feet / Meters) The biggest and the largest river of Nepal which provides tons of rapids for river-rafters and awesome side-trip for eco-tourists
Kulekhani River L A Remarks
Lothar Khola River L A Remarks
Narayani L A Remarks
Koshi River L A Remarks
Mahakali River L A Remarks
Mahananda River L A Remarks
Sapt Koshi L A Remarks
Mahananda River L A Remarks
Mahananda River L A Remarks
Sharada Khola L A Remarks
Seti River 130 Miles (210 Km) 15419 ft (4700 M) The only river that remains to follow without causing any harm to land. Everything in its path to the right or left is as it is as given by the Nature!
Tamur River L A Remarks
Trisuli River L A Remarks
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