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Monastery in Nepal

Nepal is House of Buddha and Growing Land of Buddhism. As well as Nepal is a Home to numerous of Buddhist Monasteries which belongs to Historical Buddhism, Tibetan and may now live in few different Thai and Nepalies. Buddhist Monastery hase made for Praying and medetation for Lord Buddha and hase made by Speritual Lamas in a Suite and quired areas where they can do Medetation. Now, most of Monastery we can see they are in such a pilgrimage areas or little hill station or silent zone. Insight Nepal, there are more then 1000 Buddhist Monasteries and living more then 10000 monks and nonks in monastery for learn Buddhism. Mustang "the lost mud city Lo-Manthang" called himalayan rain shados is a area where we can see and visit more Monastery in Nepal. Probably the oldest Monastery also still alive there. Around Kathmandu valley circuits also there many historical and brand new monastery still growing very fast most of them are for commercial either historical.

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