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Culture of Nepal

Nepal a federal republican country lies in south Asia between India and Tibet/China. Nepal is small country but rich in culture. It's culture is consist of the social customs and traditions. Nepal has unique heritage culture landscapes anywhere. There are more than 80 percent of Nepalese are following Hinduism and abound 13 percent of Buddhist. Most of People are happy to stay with their family as as Asian culture. Family is very important to Nepalese communities. The couture of Nepal is more impressed from India. Nepalese have more respective culture for tourist and visitors, always saying Namast is like a hello to people. They have still women dominated society in the country site. They celebrate many funny and important festival together. Culture festive in Nepal traditionally begins with something religious and moves with spontaneous spirit into a plesent family fest. Most of women were Shari and Kurtha Salwar and now tinge girls ever they were pants jeans are already arrival in Kathmandu from China. After Marriage on the middle head they were red color as a symbol of Married women. Most of Man were Daura Surwal in the country side and in the city Pants and Shirt, T-shirt are common. 

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