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Flora & Fauna in Nepal

Flora Fauna and wildlife of Nepal Nepal a small Himalayan Country but rich of unique diversity wildlife, flora and fauna. For Nepal tourism also a major source of wildlife. In Nepal, there are some animals, birds and some green planet only found in Nepal such as the Spiny Babbler. Is also host to a large number of Rhododendron species. Founded about 31 different species of Rhododendron in Nepal Himalayan range. The Wildlife's, Flora and Fauna and their natural habitats of Nepal are famous in the world wildlife circle. Nepal's remote Valley, Green Hills and peaks are home to some of the rarest and most endangered animals in the word. Geographically imposed isolation has over the centuries led to the branching off thousands of species, more of which are discovered every year. Being one of the world's most unique ecosystem, the Himalayas possess a diverse range of flowers, herbs, fruits, animals, birds and plants that are famous around the world for their various healing and curative properties. There are over 6500 unique species of flowers founded in Nepal, not including the many types of trees, shrubs and fungi that can also be found. More than 800 species of birds and over 9000 different plants including herbs, medicine plants and biogas plants founded recorded in Nepal by wwf.com.org  

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