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Kathmandu Valley - Day tours - Things to do in Kathmandu - Nepal

There are many Things to do in Kathmandu and visit. Kathmandu valley is the center of culture, trade and learning in place of Nepal. It comprises the 3 cities of Kathmandu, Patan and Bhaktapur. Each of these medieval cities varies with the other in the beauty of its architecture, the colors of its festivities, the grandeur of its historical monuments and the hospitality of its inhabitants. All of highlight places you many do by a day tour with us. Choose down follwing tours whihc is suite for you the let decide we are always with you.:

Budhanilkantha: The reclining stone image of Vishnu 16 ft. long - is only a few kilometers away from town center. It dates back 1400 years to the Lichhavi period.

Pashupatinath: The holiest of the holy Hindu temple in South Asia is the focal point of pilgrimage from all over the sub-continent. The holy river of Bagmati flowing nearby is the cremation ground of the Hindus. Funeral pyres can be viewed from across the river bank.

Boudhanath: Probably the largest stupa in the world is also found in Kathmandu valley - the great stupa of Boudhanath. Again the omni-present eyes of the Buddha stare at all directions. This stupa is the place of worship of Tibetan Buddhists predominantly.

Swoyambhunath: Legend has it that Manjushri, founder of Kathmandu Swoyambhunath valley, discovered the lotus of an ancient valley lake on which site the great stupa of Swoyambhunath was later built. The omni sighted stare of the Buddha greets visitors and residents alike with compassion. Swoyambhunath has been an important center for Buddhist learning undergoing construction and renovation throughout the centuries by prominent historical figures like the Mauryan Emperor Ashoka the Great and King ManadevaI.

Changu Narayan: Another Vishnu temple is the oldest known temple existing in the valley dating back to the 4th century.

Dakshinkali temple: Located at the foothills south of the valley is the most important venue of animal sacrifices to the Goddess Durga.

Dhulikhel: Mountain resort for Himalayan viewing is situated on the Arniko Highway to Tibet. This is a perfect place for acclimatization on your overland journey into Tibet.

Godavari: The venue for summer residence of Rana prime ministers of Nepal, boasts today the Royal Botanical Gardens in the laps of Phulchowki (9,062 ft.), the highest hill surrounding the valley.

Chobhar Gorge: Through which the water of the primeval lake was drained by Manjushree to create the valley of Kathmandu is 20 km away to the South.

Kirtipur: Is a fortress town on a southern hill overlooking Kathmandu valley which is noted for the resistance by its people during King Prithvi Narayan Shah''''s efforts to unite Nepal.

Kakani: Is a quiet hilltop resort west of the valley from where magnificent views of the Ganesh Himal and Annapurna range can be seen.

Nagarkot hilltop: Is 37 km away from Kathmandu oNagarkotffers vantage views of the Himalayan range including, on a clear day, Mt. Everest. Our restaurant "The Tea House" is situated atop the hill and offers a wide range of food and drink.

Panauti: Is one of the finest existing specimens of an all Newari settlement in Kathmandu and boasts of the 15th century Indreshwar Mahadev Temple, one of the most important temples associated with Newari culture and a Narayan shrine.

Sankhu: Is a post on the old trade route from Kathmandu to Lhasa famous for many fine Newari houses with elaborately carved window frames. Nearby is the temple of the tantric Goddess Bajra Jogini.

Tika Bhairab: A corner of Kathmandu, valley rim once forgotten is suddenly on the tourist map with an opening of a deluxe mt. resort, Malla Alpine Resort Nearby are 5th century Licchavi villages of Sunakothi, Thecho and Chapagaon.

Mountain bike Day tours  around Kathmandu Valley

The capital of Nepal, Kathmandu valley offers verities of customized day bike riding tours for all levels of mountain bike riders, form an easy lusting bike riding day tours to high off road graveled challenging  full day biking expedition and some of the best exciting biking  trails riding insight the National Park  and cultural heritages background. This mtb day biking tour takes you to the heights of the 2200 meters above the sea level,  across the cultural Kathmandu  country villages with stunning panoramic view of Great Himalayas mountain,  bustling green forest exploration, National Park and many more off road biking  destination  through single biking trails, villages, rice fields and paddy.  All Our Nepal Footprint Holiday treks day bike tours include professional Mtb. Guide  with full of knowledge about general bike repairs, first aid training, Kathmandu culture, off course  English/German speaking and mountain bike information. Choose your day biking from our Kathmandu day biking tours  or generate yourself biking plan in Kathmandu  with our guide.

North face of Kathmandu – Day bike tour

Thamel – Balaju -  Nagarjun forest – tinpiple – Sangla – Jhor – Tokha – Budhanilkantha  - About 45km – Classic  ride  - 5 to 6 hours.

It is a classic day biking tour in north face of Kathmandu valley with mixed of off road  graveled trails and  the vest viewing biking trails of north of Kathmandu valley. Gradually  climb through forest, zig zag trails, riding via ride paddies and farming  rural villages and some of exciting up hill and downhill. Before ending the biking tour visit the biggest stone statue of south Asia – The sleeping Vishnu budanilkahtna temple and its nice story is the highlight of your north face day tour of Kathmandu valley.

Riding high climb and downhill

Thamel – Balaju – Royal forest- Jamacho hill –  About 40ktm – Moderate biking – 5 to 6 hours.

Probably  it’s a  nearest day biking trips form Kathmandu for mountain bikers. Just cross the city its start your biking in really off-road uphill almost 22km on the top to jamacho hill. Jamacho is not only the hill but also a great Kathmandu view point and pilgrimage place . the Buddhist monastery standing on the top of jamacho hills is surprise to visit that after long forest uphill bike riding. Biking insight forest with full of flora and fauna, the beautiful sound of birds, Great view of Mt. manaslu, Ganesh, langtang  Himalayan range as well Kathmandu valley with clogest view of monkey temple you will feel u are biking such a peace place on the world.  After summit follow the single mountain bike trail or just continue same route you will decide and back to Kathmandu .

The Great Scar Road Dream ride

Balaju – tinpiple – Kakani hill -  Gurje bhangyang – Budanilkantha – 61km – Challenge ride – 6 to 7 hours.

Great Scar road, one of the most challenging mountain bike riding day tours in the Kathmandu valley located in northern Kathmandu with glimpses of mountain views on a clear day from morning to evening. We need your full of effort, general climb to kakani hill station   to 27km then cross Shivapuri National Park , riding in wild uphill with fantastic views and riding narrow single track about 9km is a part of adventure on the day.  Ride  some graveled road to budanilkantha with dream ride  is a great fun with full support of Nepal Footprint Holiday  Treks Guide.

Jungle, Monastery, Mountain and Technical single track

Budanilkantha – Nagigompa – Helipad – Kopan - Kathmandu  - About 44km – 5 to 6 hours - Challenge ride

The biking trip start form Kathmandu following northward to budanilkantha Temple (the sleeping Bishnu Temple)  most of uphill to there. After visiting Temple, climb again to nationalpark check point where near by Vipashyana Meditation Center and again climb about 8 km to Nagi Gompa ( The famous female monks monastery school) is a hard part of the tour. From nagi gompa you will have great Kathmandu valley view with beautiful Buddhist prayer flag and green forest. Make Special Nepal Footprint Holiday Treks lunch in there, talk with female monks and visit the Gompa is fantastic leisure time in above 2000m from sea level. After that, funny downhill to helipad and single technical trail in to the pine forest to kopan Monastery backward is Technical time for you. Visit the Famous Buddhist School for monks – The copan Monastery then back to Kathmandu.

Temples, The Ancient Farming Villages, Heritage and Culture – East Kathmandu valley

The most famous cross country day bike ride in Kathmandu City. The day cycling full of local culture, View of many stories Temples, Ancient farming villages and UNESCO site. Riding backward from Pashupatinath – the great Hindus Temple and cross the country through Thimi the famous farming villages and climb upward to the ancient temple of changunarayan ( which is the site of UNESCO) is highlight of your day biking tour in Kathmandu valley with Nepal Footprint Holiday Treks. Lunch in small local restaurant then downhill biking to  Sankhu village through rice field and vegetable farming land then country side biking to Boudhanath Temple is great chance to see rural lifestyle of Kathmandu people.

Southern view of Kathmandu Valley

Patan – Chapagoan – Khokana – Bungmati – Chovar – 46km moderate ride

A moderate Day biking trips that exploration some of rural part of Kathmandu valley, ancient villages, beautiful historical temples and  some fun of single trail riding with spectacular suspension bridge crossing. It’s a highlighte day biking tour with rich and varied culture of the Kathmandu valley. When we connect  good road in chovar we will show you the National championship Race course before heading  crazy town  Kathmandu.

Long climb northeast Himalayan view to Nagarkot.

Boudhanath – Sankhu- Katike bhangyang – Nagarkot – Bhaktapur – About 66km – 7 – 8 hours - Challenging

It’s a long day riding and challenging mountain bike day tours in Kathmandu. The trail begin from Kathmandu pass through different villages, temples, paddy fields, mountain views, extreme uphill and most demanding downhill via country side of bhaktapur city. About 20 kilometer normal riding, 12km challengeing uphill and rest of most demanding downhill we need your full effort for this riding. Climbing up 7200 feet from 1400 meeters is another challenge for you. But, Nepal Footprint Holiday Treks assist  everything for your special day biking trips in Kathmandu.



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