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Nepal Peak Climbing Information

Nepal - A world famous himalayan beautiful country with highest mountain, great himalayan range and trans himalayan range between Tibet and India. Nepal has many iconic mountains peaks for climbing, find climbing peaks for your suit like Mera Peak, Island Imj peak, Lobuche, nayakanga, Chulu or Tent peak climbing in Nepal Himalaya. Nepal. It has a largely numbers of Climbing and Expedition Himalaya since 1950 AD. Nepal Gives you chance to climb world highest Peak Mt. Everest and Over 8 Himalaya Summit 8000m. Lessthen that, also it has many uncountable unnamed Himalaya Range and Peaks which are Defenitly Virgin and Untouched by Human feet. Some of already named which we open for climber. Besice of that there are more then 20 Climbing Peaks up to 6500m which as decleared by Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA) Those white Peaks are we going to organizing for you fo on your climbing holidays dream in Nepal with Full Supporting Team, Trekking Support to Base Camp by famalier and expirence crue Sherpa and Climbers with optimizeing price. Those combined climbing Peaks in Nepal are definetly Reconize by Nepal Gorvernment and Get Permit form NMA with Expirence Nepalese climber Sherpa and crue support up to summit with you. We Organize all of those trekking peaks by professional support team.

The Peaks are called Trekking Peaks in Nepal means all those mountain above 5600m combined with Nepal Trekking and Hiking Adventure and Climbing summit wihtin few days base camp stay.There are two class of Trekking Peaks in Nepal which was decleared by NMA and Those Peaks in Nepal for Climbing different permit required.

Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA) has classified 33 peaks in Nepal as 'trekking peaks' ranging from 5650-6500m into Group A comprising 15 peaks and Group B comprising 18 peaks.


Mera Peak Climbig
Island Peak (Imja-Tse)Climbing
Lobuche Peak Climbing
Tent Peak (Tharpu chuli) Climbing
Chulu East climbing
Pisang Peak Climbing
Paldor Peak Climbing

Group A includes

Mt. Cholatse [6440m] in Khumbu
Mt. Machermo [6273m] in Mahalangpur
Mt. Kyazo Ri [6186 m] in Mahalangpur
Mt. Phari Lapcha [6017 m] in Mahalangpur
Mt. Nirekha [6159 m] in Mahalangpur
Mt. Langsisa Ri [6427 m] in Jugal
Mt. Ombigaichen [6340 m] in Mahalangur
Mt. Bokta [6143 m] in Kanchenjunga
Mt. Chekigo [6257 m] in Gaurishankar
Mt. Lobuje West [6145 m] in Khumbu
Mt. Larkya Peak [6010 m] in Manaslu
Mt. ABI [6097 m] in Mahalangur
Mt. Yubra Himal [6035 m] in Langtang Himal
Mt. Chhukung Ri [5550 m] in Khumbu
Mt. Yala Peak [5732 m] Langtang

Group B includes
Hiunchuli[6441m] in Annapurna Himal,Gandaki
Singu Chuli (Fluted peak) [6501m] in Annapurna Himal,Gandaki
Mera peak [6654m] in Khumbu Himal, Sagarmatha
Kusum Kangru [6367m] in Khumbu Himal, Sagarmatha
Kwangde [6011m] in Khumbu Himal, Sagarmatha
Chulu West [6419m] Manang District, Gandaki
Chulu East6 [584m] Manang District, Gandaki
Imja Tse (Island Peak) [6160m] in Khumbu Himal, Sagarmatha
Parchemuche [6187m] in Rolwaling Himal, Janakpur
Lobuje [6119m] in Khumbu Himal, Sagarmatha
Ramdung [5925m] in Rolwaling Himal, Janakpur
Pisang peak [6091m] in Manang District, Gandaki
Tharpu Chuli (Tent Peak) [5663m] in Annapurna Himal, Gandaki
Khongma Tse (Mehra Peak) [5849m] in Khumbu Himal, Sagarmatha
Ganja La Chuli (Naya Kamga) [5849m] in Langtang Himal, Bagmati
Pokhalde [5806m] in Khumbu Himal, Sagarmatha
Mardi Himal [5587m] in Annapurna Himal, Gandaki
Paldor Peak [5896m] in Langtang Himal, Bagmati

US $ 500 is charged as royalty for group size of seven members and US $ 100 for each additional member up to 20 while climbing NMA peaks under group B. Group a NMA peaks, US $ 350 for trekking crew comprising 4 members, additional US $ 40 for up to 8 members, US $ 510 for 9 members and additional US $ 25 for each member up to 12 members need to be paid as royalty.

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